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In the mattress has two main functions:

• Support the body - the ability of the mattress to distribute body weight and keep the spine in proper position during sleep to prevent back pain. This task performs a mattress foundation that is Spring or springless unit.

• Comfort - provides the ability to take the form of a mattress body and reduce stress on the surface, which allows less vorochatysya dream.

Spring or springless mattress

Spring mattresses
The base spring mattress - box spring. There are two main types of blocks: dependent and independent. Spring block "Bonnel" - a design that has long been used. It consists of a tightly woven together by springs. The pressure is distributed across the mattress, thereby significantly decreasing its orthopedic properties. If you suffer from severe diseases of the spine, then the mattress - good economy option. Mattresses "Bonnel" characterized by reliability and ability to withstand greater weight, while maintaining their properties for a long time. Some models have a reinforced box spring, so are suitable for people with too much weight.

Mattresses with independent spring block - a modern design. They maximally adjusted to the curves of the body and support the spine in the correct position. Unlike mattresses "Bonnel" They have good orthopedic effect, virtually noiseless and do not create vibrations surface. So you can sleep peacefully next to a man who likes to frequently turn over in his sleep. Each of the spring mattress in a separate case. This excludes the "hammock effect" (sagging under the weight of the entire surface of the body), the load is evenly distributed over the entire area. Ridge takes natural position, and the muscles and joints relax. The more springs per unit area, the greater the ability of the mattress to form a smooth line under the weight of the body.

springless mattresses
Mattresses are produced without the use of springs, and consequently, lower elasticity. Instead of springs "stuffing" for such mattresses are flexible foamed materials. Springless mattresses also have a high orthopedic and anatomical effect. Advantage springless mattresses is that their designs are no metal parts. Consequently, there is no electrostatic and magnetic effects on the body. The disadvantage of such models is relatively short service life. If spring mattresses are 12-20 years, highly elastic - 5-8.


Equally important is the filler. In spring mattress springs between the cover and lay fillers regulating the degree of surface hardness. In unsprung mattresses fillers are the basis. They are used as natural and artificial materials, or combinations thereof.

Natural latex. High ability to absorb and divert latex allows good moisture adjust the heat of the human body. Latex - elastic, soft, durable and relatively expensive material. Mattresses with latex layers very pleasant to use. They most accurately follow the contours of the body. The body flows like a mattress, creating a feeling of relaxation and maximum comfort. These mattresses are able to withstand a lot of pressure and perfectly convey the load on the spring.
Coconut - a hard, well-ventilated vehicle. The feeling - almost like on the boards, covered with a blanket, a difference of only a little more elasticity. These mattresses should be chosen by a physician or sleep on hard fans. They are made of coconut fiber, pressed and sealed with latex glue.
Polyurethane foam - one of the most popular mattress filler. Material artificial origin, spring mattress felt like medium soft, springless - from medium hard to hard. Polyurethane differ among themselves stiffness and density. The higher the density, the more durable and more expensive mattress. Polyurethane foam is less elastic than latex, and more rough.
Viskoelastyk - foamed material takes the form of the body and distributes the weight across the surface. Mattress with the filler supports the body in a natural position, a positive effect on the neck, back and joints, improves blood circulation, providing a peaceful sleep.

Mattresses are different degrees of hardness. The choice of mattress hardness depends on the weight category and age of the person. Manufacturers also predicted double mattress with varying degrees of stiffness for people with a difference in weight.
Soft mattresses are recommended for people a little weight, women, older people. Medium-hard mattresses are comfortable for most people. Hard mattresses are recommended for people with more weight, children and teenagers, lovers of solid sleep. Children are better suited springless mattresses.

Dimensions of mattress

The length and width of the mattress must meet size bed. Between the bed and the mattress should be a gap of 2-3 cm, the better to spread out bedding. The length of the mattress should be 15-20 cm more than your height. The width of the single mattress is at least 80 cm, and double - 160 cm. Height of mattresses varies, depending on the content, it ranges from 3.4 to 40 cm. Thin mattresses height of 2-5 cm and called mattress placed on top of the mattress core to give him those or other characteristics, as well as to protect against contamination. Springless mattress height - 17-20 cm spring - 18-25 cm.

Material cover

For the production of covers, various cotton, synthetic and blended fabrics. The most durable and resistant covers made of jacquard. Cheap mattress covers are made of polyester. Cases mattresses can be removable (the "zipper" on the perimeter) and non-removable (cover stitched directly on the mattress. To protect the mattress cover from dust and dirt, it is recommended to buy a mattress. He put on a mattress using rubber bands in the corners, it is easy to remove and wash in the washing machine.

The effect of "winter - summer"

Mattresses with 'winter-summer "bilateral. Winter party uses a layer of wool, which warms the body in the cold. Summer side is usually cotton. Cotton easily breathable, contributes to its excellent circulation, reducing sweating during sleep.